The year is 2011. Deep in the heart of Northern Virginia, Dan has just procured himself a 1993 Eurovan Westfalia (pictured below). As he drives toward home in his new ride, something catches his eye. Oh that’s just his handsome reflection in the rear-view mirror. No wait, there’s something else… a cassette tape. A cassette tape curiously protruding from the car stereo. Intrigued, Dan pushes it in. WHOA! Crazy synthesized tunes, the likes of which Dan has never heard before. Hours pass and the hits keep on coming. The 90 minute Maxell tape keeps on flippin’. After much listening, it is determined that the un-labeled tape is a well-mixed sampling of Prince and Prince affiliates.

Fast foward to 2012. Dan is driving his van westward, on his way to a new gig at EBD, and a new life in Colorado. The van still plays one tape. The only tape it has ever known. Prince. At EBD, Dan meet’s co-worker Micah, who just so happens to have the equipment necessary to digitize the Prince mix once and for all. Ready to take the plunge, Dan ejects the tape from the van. “NOOOOoooooo,” hissed the stereo, but it was too late. Through purple rain and dove tears, EBD is proud to present, the Prince Mix tape. Digitized for your enjoyment.

Download Side A and Side B. You’re welcome!




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