Venture over to Mohawk’s Felt & Wire blog to see a behind-the-scenes feature of our oversized Lakehouse brochure. Ellen Bruss shares her thoughts on the design process, her vision and sources of inspiration for Lakehouse’s brand, and how paper choices play a valuable role in the outcome of printed pieces. For Lakehouse, Mohawk Options provided just the right touch and photo quality vibrancy.


Lakehouse is a new 206-unit condominium development on the south shore of Sloan’s Lake in Denver, Colorado. Future residents will be able to enjoy the serenity of living on a lake, while maintaining an effortless urban lifestyle.

Lakehouse Brochure

“We wanted an uncoated stock but not anything too clean and super smooth or a too earthy and textured. Mohawk Options was exactly what we were looking for—a hint of fiber to really communicate the high-end aesthetic; a great hand; and great photo print quality. We went through a lot of options prior that just weren’t right.”

Lakehouse will feature open designs, city, mountain and lake views, community spaces, a rooftop pool and garden, and a state-of-the-art wellness center. So far, the brochure has done quite well, serving as a teaser and placeholder for the building.

“All of the largest units are selling, which is hard when all you have is a dirt lot. That puts a lot of pressure on the brochure and the paper. They have to set the tone for what life will be like at Lakehouse. This piece, and the Mohawk Options, have achieved that exceptionally well.”

Lakehouse Brochure

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Lakehouse Brochure


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