Over the past year EBD has lent a hand in designing Hammond’s unique new line of chocolate bars—from designing the labels and packaging to rigorous (informal) taste-testing at the office. The most unique and interestingly successful member of the lineup turned out to be the PB&J Sandwich bar. It took a prize at the Sweet & Snacks show in Chicago and is now getting (literally) picked apart on candy blogs across the world. Dave at The Snack Review blog recently deconstructed this interesting treat from Hammond’s. He had good things to say about both the delicious taste of the bar as well as our nostalgic packaging design. Stop on by The Snack Review and see how Dave’s taste-buds compare with yours. And, of course, get your hands on a PB&J bar if you haven’t already.

Still can’t decide if PB&J is right for you? Here are a few more takes on Hammond’s innovative chocolate bar:
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