O.penVAPE’s go.pen Now Available

The newly launched portable vaporizer, go.pen, from O.penVAPE is a colorful and sleek product that needed a custom container to really show off the device. EBD designed a unique, hard-sided box and band for the go.pen kit. Features include a magnetic closure,…



GDUSA American Web Design Awards

The web is an ever-evolving living organism. It can be tough to create really functional and usable design for this moving target, but EBD is up to the challenge. We have had quite a few web projects come through the…



Roper Shoe Boxes Arrive at EBD

It seems like forever ago when we started working on good ol’ Roper. This week we finally got a good look at the rebranded shoe boxes, tags and branded shirts. Pretty exciting!



MCA Luminocity Gala, 2012

With the annual Luminocity Gala on the horizon, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver turned to EBD to spearhead the event’s collateral. This years theme was Rococo, best described as gold and ornate. EBD created a custom doily illustration based…